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The Lake Arrowhead Airport

Posted: January 13, 2011 at 9:58 AM by Carol Banner

 Did you know that we have an FAA recognized airport in Lake Arrowhead? In my efforts to keep you informed, I’m including this press release from owner, Mark Bayley and Lake Arrowhead Airport Incorporated. I know that many of you are aware of the airport and Mark’s efforts to pave the road through Ash Meadows. If you have questions, contact information is in the enclosed release. Perhaps you’d like to discuss the economic benefits to our community as well as to our local property values, please give me a call. The Lake Arrowhead Airport is supported by many local Realtors and by the Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce. 

January 3,2011. A working airport for Lake Arrowhead has long been a vision of community leaders. Finally, that vision is becoming reality. When completed, the new airport will have substantial benefits for mountain communities including quick, easy access for residents, new opportunities for hospitality and retail businesses, major pluses for emergencies services in case of fire or earthquake and support for property values thoughout the region.

Lake Arrowhead Airport announced today that the airport is entering Phase 2 of its business plan, expecting to operate a fully upgraded, state-of-the-art and enviromentally advanced general aviation airport in the fall of 2012. Key milestones of the Phase 2 portion of the airport development plan including paving and lighting the 3700 foot runway and improving Ash Meadows Road to facilitate airport access. " We are very pleased to be entering this phase of our development plan. On completion, we will be well situated to serve the Arrowhead community by accommodating a broad range of piston, turboprop and very light jet aircraft," stated Mark Bayley, President of the newly formed Lake Arrowhead Airport Incorporated. "The new airport will be a substantial benefit to all mountain residents and businesses, further enhancing the finest resort in Southern California. Additionally, the new airport will facilitate crucial emergency resources for the entire area."

Completion of a fully functioning airport for Lake Arrowhead has been difficult. Two former owners were unable to finish and license the airport they envisioned. However, Bayley's perseverance over the past decade is providing the community with the opportunity with the opportunity and path to complete this important project.

When asked about some of the issues that ave challenged the airport development, Bayley admitted 2010 presented significant obstacles as well as acheivements. An agreement with the US Forest Service and substantial progress on Ash Meadows Road were major achievements. However, recession driven financing issues and the time needed to assemble a team with the range of skills and experience needed to complete the Airport project threatened Bayley's vision for the new airport. Addressing both these issues in the closing months of 2010 has reinvigorated the airport's future. With a new EVP and General Counsel and an experienced CPA as financial officer, Bayley now has the team in place to execute the airport business plan effectively and efficiently. The Airport now has a window of opportunity to complete its financing, allowing it to control its own destiny as it moves forward towards completion.

The mission and the vision of the new Lake Arrowhead Airport appears well though out to meet the day-to-day (and emergency) needs of our community's residents and businesses. Beyond the improved road and runway, the new airport, when fully upgraded, will feature 3 top-of-the-line hanger groupings and additional tie downs, fuel and maintenance services, a pilots' lounge with guest facilities, a cafe and restaurant with lodging accommodations, and a suite of products such as spring water, organic wines, honey and apples from The Lost Ranch property adjacent to the airport. Additionally, the airport will offer air charter to Las Vegas and other entertainment destinations, air transport for resort vacations, spa and golf packages in conjunction with local business plan in fiscal 2013-14, the community with have both an enjoyable destination and an important driver of property values and business opportunities supporting our mountain communities," Bayley predicted.

Having completed Phase 1 of the business plan, secured the opportunity to complete the project financing and engages a team to execute the develpoment and operating plan, the immediate focus going forward is to complete capitalization of the project in a way to assure local control of airport development. Keith Whitworth, a CPA and the Airport's VP of finance, expects a comprehensive new business plan to e adopted by the company's Board of Directors later this month. "What is exciting," Whitwirth noted, "is the emphasis on local financing to assure local control of airport development. Being respectful of local interests and knowledgeable about local needs can best be met by having local ownership. which is precisely our plan." Bayley, a long time Arrowhead resident, is adamant about the Airport serving community interests, not the other way around, and it is this intent that has aligned the development plans with local equity financing.

The new Lake Arrowhead Airport is the first airport permitted and added to the LA sectional in over forty years. What has been achieved is impressive, but months of work remains in the final phase of the airport buisness plan. "There are a number of community, user and business interests that must be successfully reconcilled, each with crucial details that need attention, " according to Bennett Root, the Airport's new Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Root brings many years as a partner in a major international law firm and later as the chief executive os a development stae company to the tasks of completing the operational details needed to finish the Airport project. His detail orientaition complements Bayley's broad vision for completing the financing and development plans for the new Airport. " But extensive as the remaining work is, it is all manageable and our success is now in view," Root said. 

A unique feature of the Airport's business plan is the provision fot an "advisory Board" comprised of pilots and other interested in meeting the air transportation needs of our community. Many Arrowhead residents are pilots or business men and women using general aviation services. " This is an enormous resource for us," Bayley insists. "Tapping into this resource is the other side of the local financing and control coin, marketing the Lake Arrwhead Airport an airport well positioned for the Lake Arrowhead community. " Over the next several weeks, Bayley and Root will be meeting with pilots and local residents to help make the Airport vision an operating reality. For further information, contact Mark Bayley or Ben Root at (800)380-6496 or emailing

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